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Christian Dating Advice

It can be hard to find true Christian dating advice these days. As such, many people are not quite sure where to turn when it comes to finding a potential partner with the ideal personality and character traits, mental health, and so on. Some of these individuals may be stuck because they have lived for so long as solitary people, rendering them perhaps just a bit inexperienced when it comes to the rules of dating. No matter the level of success you may have experienced previously, here are some tips that can help you excel during your dates.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential and this particular tip is not limited to Christian dating advice. What this means is that you and your partner should have open communication (to a certain extent). Of course, you do not want to share personal information until you are comfortable and can trust each other. Open communication means just learning about each other in a friendly way; talking it slow initially. It also means asking questions and listening closely. The goal is to get to know each other better early on as well as to eventually establish a warm and friendly trustful relationship.

Physical Boundaries

If dating is moving along smoothly, you should eventually establish distinct physical boundaries that you cannot cross until marriage. It might seem slightly premature to be talking about marriage at this point of time. However, finding a partner with whom you can eventually live the rest of your life with; could be your ultimate goal. The best direction is to head for the conservative side of the fence here. For example, if you are truly not content with merely holding hands or hugging, you may permit a few kisses above the neck; short, chaste kisses on the cheeks or lips. Anything more than that probably should not be allowed. However, it is up to what you and your potential partner decide.

You should go out with other people or to a venue where there are many individuals. You might even ask a couple of friends to go on a group date with you. The presence of others could be a strong deterrent to the urge for physical affection or experimentation. No matter what, use your faith and willpower to resist any urges or temptations that could be detrimental.


If this person seems ideal, try to become good friends. A more serious relationship is more fun with someone you actually consider to be a friend besides your lifelong mate. It also makes sharing and all sorts of other activities easier.

Finally, one of the most important Christian dating advice pointers is to pray and attend each other’s religious events and activities. Before you go out with your date, praying can help settle your nerves and infuse you with the confidence you need. Asking your date to pray with you can also help test your potential partner’s compatibility with you. You would like to find out how you all agree and differ on various points. Likewise, praying and attending religious events together can be a very good experience; a Christian dating advice tip you should execute. login
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