The subject homosexualism always brings up questions and questioning, we are always wanting to know more, in an attempt to comprehend what really happens with these people who fell attracted by same sex individuals.

Our society, since times immemorial, left as legacy, this tendency of ours for acceptance of what is normal, even if knowing that the concept of normal is quite relative today. Hence, what appears weird or unusual to our senses does not deserve respect Adam4Adamn.

Well, what an impervious and standoffish thought, all of us are human beings, we are all equal as far as God concerns, made of flesh and blood, after death we / all go to the same place. Absolutely, I’m not getting into particular details of religious creeds, as that isn’t the question Adam4Adamn.

Homosexualism is a type of conduct that expresses its inner feelings, affectively and its keenness on being happy, just the way they learn, or even that barely manages, and that doesn’t matter. It’s not known for sure what makes an individual being homosexual, but what we must come to terms with, it’s that they deserve respect, as human beings just like us, only with different ways of perceiving and feeling love, they have their own reasons, whether conscious or unconscious.

Although about this issue, there are indeed topics that deserve relevance and consideration, and it’s exactly when we come to grips with this entire question that triggers the homosexual development-process.

Matters are quite complex at Adam4Adamn, for there is nothing standing on scientific and biological grounds that would detect homosexual behavior, but though factors linked to the environment, those who take care, the social insertion, so far, all of which is what dictate the rules.

Just as I say, nobody is born with one’s sexualnarrative essay orientation defined, even if featuring, at birth, a penis or vagina. It becomes obvious and nobody would doubt it. The physiology of sex is surely determining, as there is perspective build up, and also there is a great deal of projection upon the child, for example;-my son will be a great attorney, just like his father, and all of which lingering to sex that at this particular moment, being pre-established one’s traits of man or woman in society.

And the most intriguing question of all that is; how is a homosexual born, though?

Our personality, our traits of character, is established, in compliance with the most known psychological trends, at infancy at around the age of six or seven.

Since birth personality takes shape and from then on tends to get established, one way or another, but with preconceived idea.

Therein, certain characteristics of scope familial affective, as much for females as male homosexuals, let’s check;

Familial ambiance with disturbances in the affective relation of relatives, or even among care figures of the child.

A super protective mother who share her side with a passive father, submissive, absent. In other cases, when the mother is a passive image, the father generally is aggressive, and such instability in the affective setting of the household, destabilize the psychological component that takes a toll on the affective trait of a developing child. This serves not as a rule, let’s get clear, but are characteristics, that usually are found when a homosexual seeks therapy and his familial structure is scrutinized.

All this familial context will reflect on the homosexual demeanor, who in turn will try to compensate the affective-existential void in confront to such structure that end up by provoking a flaw in the identification with the opposite sex. Trying to suffice such deficiency that was left in his infancy, not from lack of love, but by lack of affective identification with his opposite, relating oneself sexually only with same sex individuals. This is one of the escape routes, or escape valve.

Therefore, when dealing with human behavior rules are bound to change and may never be dictated.

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